Our Reviews:

Review on July 20, 2015: "My wife and I both needed new glasses, and after re-locating to West Knoxville, we needed a new optometrist too. Dr. Phillips and his staff at Insight Eyecare were able to accomodate the both of us at the same time, and even allowed our 17-month-old daughter to remain in the room with us during our exams. I highly recommend Insight Eyecare to anyone, but especially families. Dr. Phillips clearly understands the attention-to-detail it takes to run a succesful practice, and I wish he and his staff all the best at continuing to grow."

Review on July 19, 2015: "Great job helping my daughter find out what her eye needs were! After going to several other places over the years, she still struggled. Allergies were a surprise and now that there is treatment and a new prescription, the whole world is clearer for her. She is back to reading for hours on end this summer and playing music which she loves. Thank you."

Review on July 18, 2015: "I love this place. Everyone is very friendly and made me feel very comfortable. They found that my previous prescription was ALL wrong...wrong type all together, wrong strength, etc. I can actually see now!! Thank you! I won't go anywhere else."

Review on June 12, 2015: "I thought going to Sam's Club was good because it was cheap and I never gave much consideration to the fact that as a videographer/editor, next to the tools I use, my eyes are the most important tool I have. A friend recommended them to me, and from the first time I walked in the door until now, I have received nothing but stellar care from the staff at Insight. Dr. Phillips and his staff are knowledgeable and care about their clients. I highly recommend you focus (pun intended) on what's important (your vision) and not your wallet."

Review on May 30, 2015: "Wonderful and prompt staff. Know exactly what they are doing and very cheerful doing what they love to do! Great eye care!!!"

Review on April 14, 2015: "Very happy with my experience at Insight Eyecare. I haven't been for an eye exam in years and felt the experience was very thorough. Very pleased with the staff, Doctor, offices and prices."